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A View from Brusseles

2.650 Ft
Gyártó: Cold War History Research Center
Cikkszám: 978-963-416-180-6
Elérhetőség: RENDELHETŐ

Leírás és Paraméterek

I would like to express my gratitude to those who contributed to the publication of this volume in English: I am grateful to Csaba Békés, Director of the Cold War History Research Center (Budapest) for supporting the project and reading the manuscript; to Norbert Kroó, Andrea Molnár and Attila Pók for their contribution to the application of the European Movement Hungary; to Emese D. Kecskés and Vajk Sarodi for typing and editing the manuscript, and to Gábor Demeter for the workmanlike translation and to James P. Niessen for attentive proofreading, checking, and correcting.
With regard the first edition of the book (in Hungarian) I am deeply grateful to Zoltán Bíró, Director General of the Research Institute and Archives for the History of Regime Change (RETÖRKI) and to Péter Horváth, Deputy Director General, for their willingness to support my proposal for the publication of this volume. I am also thankful to the leadership of my home institute, the HAS RCH, Institute of History, for securing technical assistance and optimal working conditions.
I would like to thank historians of my home institute for their advice in support of my work: László Bíró, Gábor Demeter, Árpád Hornyák, Miklós Mitrovits, Attila Seres, Andreas Schmidt-Schweizer, Zoltán Sz. Bíró. I also appreciate the magnanimous and useful help of Csaba Békés, Géza Jeszenszky, Attila Kovács, Tamás Magyarics and Penka Peykovska, Imre Szilágyi, and László Valki.
The friendly support of József Beke, former Director of the Department of Security, Telecommunication, and Documentation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, József Sztáray, former head of the NATO delegation of Hungary, and Nikolett Okosi, former staff member of the delegation, was decisive in obtaining the copies of the documents published here. The cooperation of Sylvie Prudon, associate of the Archives of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the positive attitude of staff of the NATO Archives also contributed to my research.
I am grateful for the Scholarship of the French Community of Belgium and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that provided the financial basis for my research and my stay while abroad, and I am also thankful to NATO for providing a Publication Grant.
Finally I should like to thank my wife and children who tolerated my rarely emerging from my study while working on this book.

Gusztáv D. Kecskés

Műfaj történettudomány
ISBN 978-963-416-180-6
Alcím Secret NATO Reports about the East European Transition, 1988–1991
Szerkesztő Gusztáv D. Kecskés
Kiadó MTA BTK Történettudományi Intézet
Kiadás éve 2019
Kötés típusa Füles kartonált
Oldalszám 250
Nyelv angol
Méret B5 165 x 235
Tömeg 442 g